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VDOT Lifts Lane Closures for Memorial Day Weekend

by mhoffman | May 22nd, 2014

Traveling on a holiday weekend can be stressful even under perfect weather conditions. From traffic jams to lane closures, it doesn’t take long for a couple-hour drive to turn into an all-day excursion. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) hopes to make the drive times for travelers a little shorter this Memorial Day weekend by lifting lane closures and providing other traffic-related resources.

Starting at noon on Friday, May 23, lane closures throughout the state will be lifted to ease traffic flow over the holiday weekend. For driver convenience to and from their holiday destinations, these lanes will remain clear through Tuesday morning.

Along with lifting lane closures, VDOT has also provided interactive maps that depict traffic patterns for the past three years to help motorists estimate travel times. There is even a mobile version that can access while on the road.

The maps show interstate traffic throughout the day, utilizing a heat map model. Red indicates heavy congestion, yellow indicates moderate congestion, and green indicates little to no congestion.

VDOT also encourages motorists to follow these five safety tips while driving:

  • Buckle up
  • Avoid distractions
  • Share the road
  • Drive drug- and alcohol-free
  • Obey speed limits

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Virginia Car Accident Shows Dangers of Teen Driving

by Staff Blogger | October 18th, 2012

Oct. 18, 2012

The dangers of teen driving are real. Experts say roughly 36,000 American teens are killed and thousands more are injured each year on U.S. roadways, with motor vehicle accidents being the number one cause of death for the age group.

One major cause for these accidents is distraction, with more than 75 percent of teens admitting to texting while driving. This behavior can increase the chances of an accident by as much as four times. The dangers hit home for many in Franklin County, Virginia, earlier this week when a teen was killed and five others injured in a Virginia Auto Accident.

WSLS 10 News reports the crash occurred Sunday morning at around 3:30 a.m. A 19-year-old Vinton man was driving a Cadillac CTS eastbound on the highway when the vehicle veered off the road, striking a tree.

The 15-year-old front seat passenger, who was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash, was declared dead at the scene, while the driver and four other passengers were rushed to a local hospital for treatment of injuries ranging from moderate to serious.

The Roanoke Personal Injury Lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm send their sympathies to the family and friends of the victims of this accident. They would also like to remind parents of teenagers to discuss safe driving habits. Developing a driving contract with your child that outlines driving behaviors to be followed behind the wheel at all times may also be beneficial.

Drunk Driving Problem Affects All Motorists Nationwide

by Staff Blogger | April 26th, 2012

April 26, 2012

When driving, a single wrong decision can mean the difference between life and death. This is the lesson that one man says he has taken from an accident he caused that claimed the life of his co-worker.

According to The Roanoke Times, the crash happened on July 28, 2011. The men had been celebrating a promotion by buying a case of beer and taking it to the victim’s home. The pair drank for the remainder of the day, but decided to go on one final beer run before the man responsible for the crash went home.

The victim was initially driving but decided that he was too intoxicated to drive and asked his friend to take over. His friend also was drunk and drove the vehicle off the side of the road at around 85 mph, causing the vehicle to flip.

The 35-year-old man responsible for the crash pleaded guilty in January to a single count of involuntary manslaughter and DUI.

Many witnesses came to his aide saying the man was never much of a drinker and rarely had more than three beers at a sitting. When asked by the court how the accident had affected him, the man stated, “I made the worst mistake I ever made in my entire life.”

The Virginia Auto Accident Lawyers with the Skolrood Law Firm ask that you never drink and drive, as operating while intoxicated can have deadly consequences.

Drunk Driver Charged In Connection With Fatal Virginia Crash

by Staff Blogger | April 19th, 2012

April 19, 2012

A 21-year-old man from Rustburg, Virginia, has been charged with the deaths of two Lynchburg, Virginia, siblings after allegedly striking their vehicle while driving drunk. According to WSLS 10 News, the crash occurred on the morning of July 3 last year around 3:00 a.m. along US 460 in Prince Edward County.

The brother and sister, both in their early 20s, were heading back to their home in Farmville when a vehicle driven by the suspect hit them head-on. The suspect’s vehicle was allegedly in the wrong lane of traffic with his lights off at the time of the crash.

The drunk driver was taken into custody and was indicted by a grand jury earlier this week on charges of reckless involuntary DUI manslaughter. If convicted, the man could face anywhere from two to 40 years in prison for his crimes.

According to prosecutors, the commonwealth’s attorney decided to drop regular DUI charges that were placed against the defendant in order to focus on the more serious charges of DUI manslaughter.

The man responsible for the crash remains free on bond pending a trial, which is set to begin on June 28.

The Virginia Auto Accident Lawyers with the Skolrood Law Firm ask that citizens all contribute to keeping Virginia’s highways safe by not drinking and driving. If you have been consuming alcohol, call a taxi or sober friend or family member to get you home safely instead.

Controversy Surrounds Car Crash That Killed Danville Woman

by Staff Blogger | November 3rd, 2011

November 3, 2011

Controversy is swirling around a Danville, Virginia, car accident that left one woman dead and her sister severely injured. According to WSLS Channel 10 News, officers say the woman died of a heart attack on the way to the hospital, while her family argues she died from trauma suffered in the crash.

The accident happened on October 23 of this year just before 11:00 AM on South Main Street. The car, a 1995 Nissan Infinity driven by the woman’s sister and carrying two other teenage passengers, was rear-ended at full speed by a 2011 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. The crash caused thousands of dollars in damage to both vehicles and left the two women with several injuries. The driver suffered a cut to her head and an injured leg, while her sister was left with extreme chest pain.

Family members say the woman was unresponsive in the ambulance and have a death certificate showing the cause of death as blunt force trauma to the heart, but investigators claim the woman died of a heart attack three hours after arriving at the hospital.

Authorities say their investigation will be completed when results arrive back from the State Medical Examiner’s Office.

The Virginia Auto Accident Attorneys with the Skolrood Law Firm would like to hear from you. If the woman did die as a result of the accident, should the driver of the pickup be held responsible? Tell us your opinion by posting to our Facebook page.

Driver Dies When Pickup Truck Plummets 135 Feet Off Blue Ridge Parkway

by sko | July 28th, 2011

July 28, 2011

On Friday, July 22, a man was found dead inside his pickup truck, having driven 135 feet off a cliff along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Bedford County, Virginia.

The deceased’s brother reportedly called 911 after discovering the wrecked black Ford Ranger truck, which he had been out looking for. The call came in around 1:40 p.m., though it’s not known when the crash occurred or how long the man had been dead.

“Collisions are fairly common on the Blue Ridge Parkway,” said National Park Service spokesperson Miranda Cook to WSET.  “It’s a dangerous road.”

A WSET article also includes an interview with Montvale volunteer firefighter Scott Hawkins, who indicated the circumstances of the crash were puzzling to rescue crews.

“I’m not sure exactly what happened here,” said Hawkins. “It’s definitely not in a sharp turn, it’s not where a lot of accidents occur … When I arrived there was a family member that waved me down, there was a family member here … But any obvious marks in the parking lot, there were none to indicate there was an accident here.”

Crews pulled the truck out of the ravine by 5 p.m. on Friday.

The victim’s name and age have not been released.

Last month a young man died when he fell from a cliff along the Blue Ridge Parkway while rock climbing.

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Do you think the Blue Ridge Parkway is unsafe for Virginia drivers?

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Evington Man Gets 4 Months in Jail for DUI Maiming

by sko | July 7th, 2011

July 7, 2011

On Wednesday a 44-year-old Evington, Virginia, man was sentenced to four months in jail after causing a January 2009 drunken-driving wreck that broke a Campbell County woman’s pelvis and injured one of her ankles.

The man plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence and a felony charge of DUI maiming.

The accident occurred January 7, 2009, when the man crashed his vehicle into the victim’s car as she pulled into her driveway near the intersection of Waterlick and Lawyers roads.

The case had been delayed to see if the woman would recover from her injuries but she hasn’t, said Deputy Commonwealth Attorney Paul McAndrews to The News & Advance. Instead, she now suffers chronic pain and has an altered gait.

“There’s nothing you could do to [the DUI offender] because [the victim] still thinks about him every day when she wakes up in pain,” said McAndrews, who also said the victim is not satisfied with the plea agreement.

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Do you think justice was served following this Virginia auto accident?

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Police Investigate King George County Crash That Killed Trooper

by sko | June 30th, 2011

June 30, 2011

A 28-year-old Virginia state trooper died instantly on Friday when his cruiser struck another car at an intersection in King George County and then collided with a traffic light pole.

The trooper–a Warsaw resident–had been responding to a call for assistance around 6:45 p.m. and was traveling westbound on Route 3 with his lights and siren on when he entered the intersection of Route 3 and Madison Drive. At the same time an eastbound Hyundai Elantra on Route 3 was trying to make a left turn. The two vehicles collided, sending the patrol car into a light pole that split the vehicle in half. A portion of the car careened into a nearby parking lot where it hit three parked cars.

The Hyundai driver and passenger, aged 69 and 62, both suffered minor injuries and were taken to Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg.

The Virginia State Police Accident Reconstruction team is investigating the accident—trying to determine the speed at which both vehicles were traveling and who had the green light.

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Do you think this Virginia auto accident could have been prevented?

If you or someone you know has been involved in a Virginia auto accident, the Virginia auto accident lawyers at Skolrood Law Firm can help.

Virginia Bus Crash Victims Still Recuperating from Injuries

by sko | June 23rd, 2011

June 23, 2011

A Richmond, Virginia, bus crash last month killed four women when a Sky Express bus driver fell asleep at the wheel. Today some of the 58 victims who were on the bus are still suffering, including one Michigan man and his mother, who remains hospitalized with serious spinal cord injuries.

This week Central Michigan newspaper The Morning Sun ran a follow-up story on the son and his mother. The 23-year-old man had just graduated from Central Michigan University and he and his mom were on the bus headed from North Carolina–where they were visiting friends–to New York City.

Now, almost a month since the tragedy, his 47-year-old mom remains on a ventilator in the surgical intensive care unit at Fredericksburg’s Mary Washington Hospital. She had been visiting the U.S. from Nepal so that she could attend her son’s graduation.

The man sustained back injuries and is still wearing a back brace, reports the newspaper. His neurosurgeons have yet to determine whether his back will require surgery. A fund has been established to assist with the family’s healthcare expenses.

The highly publicized bus accident occurred on Interstate 95 on Tuesday, May 31, just before 5 a.m. When the driver fell asleep, the bus left the road, smashed into a barrier, and rolled over. Four people were killed and more than 50 were injured.

The 37-year-old driver has been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter and remains in Pamunkey Regional Jail in Hanover, Virginia. According to a court affidavit, passengers had overheard the driver on his cell phone saying that he was too tired and hadn’t been able to rest between trips.

Federal law mandates that drivers may only spend 10 hours behind the wheel and must have eight hours off per day. Officials have shut down the bus company, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, for multiple safety violations.

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Do you think more needs to be done to enforce commercial vehicle safety? Do you think it should be illegal for commercial drivers to be behind the wheel during those hours when scientists say the body naturally craves sleep?

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Man strikes restaurant in Virginia auto accident

by sko | May 18th, 2011

May 19, 2011

The driver of a minivan plowed his vehicle through a Troutville restaurant in a Virginia auto accident, according to The Republic.

A 71-year-old hit the gas pedal instead of the break in the Virginia auto accident, sending the man’s vehicle into Hardee’s restaurant.

No injuries were reported in the Virginia auto accident.

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Would it be discriminating to take one’s driver’s license away after they reach a certain age? Do you think it’s fair that insurance companies raise their rates on auto insurance when someone gets older?

If you or someone you know has been involved in a Virginia auto accident, the Virginia auto accident lawyers at Skolrood Law Firm can help.