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What Types of Accidents Can Lead to Wrongful Death Claims?

by Staff Blogger | June 20th, 2019

When people are injured in accidents that weren’t their fault, they and their loved ones have the right to pursue compensation for accident-related expenses, including medical bills and lost wages. The same is true when accidents result in victims’ deaths. Instead of being called personal injury claims, those actions are considered wrongful death claims.

Wrongful death claims can arise after many types of accidents and injuries, such as:

  • Auto accidents—If a driver’s negligence causes someone to suffer fatal injuries, the victim’s surviving family members may be eligible to file compensation claims against the other driver’s insurance.
  • Work-related accidents—Employers are supposed to provide workers with safe environments, required safety equipment, and sufficient training to do their jobs. When they fail to do so, they can be held liable.
  • Medical malpractice—When doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare providers make mistakes due to carelessness or negligence that result in patients’ deaths, family members can file compensation claims against individual healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals.

At Skolrood Law Firm, our Roanoke wrongful death lawyers have helped surviving family members get the compensation they deserve after the deaths of loved ones for decades. We know that you’re going through a difficult time, and it’s our goal to help make it easier for you.

Trust our experience and our dedication to get you maximum results. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how we can help.

Suspect Nursing Home Abuse? We Want to Protect Your Loved One’s Rights.

by Staff Blogger | June 13th, 2019

When you moved your loved one into their nursing home facility, you expected them to get high-quality medical care and personalized attention from staff members and medical providers. Unfortunately, that’s not always day-to-day reality for nursing home residents.

Many nursing facilities prioritize profits over resident health and satisfaction, and that means they often cut corners when it comes to hiring experienced and qualified employees. It’s not uncommon for nursing homes to be understaffed or utilize untrained employees. When that happens, residents’ well-being and even their lives may be at risk.

At Skolrood Law Firm, we fight for the rights of people who were neglected or abused in nursing home facilities. If you suspect that your loved one is being mistreated in their nursing home, we want to help you, too.

When you choose a Roanoke nursing home abuse attorney, we’ll investigate your claim by collecting evidence that proves your loved one was abused or neglected. Then, we’ll determine how much money your family is owed for this breach of trust. Finally, we’ll negotiate with the insurance company and the nursing home to get you maximum compensation for what your loved one has been through.

Nursing home abuse and neglect are extremely harmful for residents, and when nursing homes allow them to occur or fail to hold employees to a higher standard, they should be held responsible. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how we may be able to help.

What Compensation Is Available for Traumatic Brain Injury Victims?

by Staff Blogger | June 6th, 2019

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) often have devastating consequences for victims and their loved ones. People who suffer TBIs may experience a wide range of debilitating symptoms, including physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and impaired motor skills and coordination. They also may develop cognitive deficits, including impaired memory, judgment, and personality changes.

The challenges associated with TBIs can be significant for victims and their families. Their physical and mental impairments may make it impossible for them to work, and when they’re not earning the paychecks their loved ones depend on, it can be difficult for them to keep up with their bills and daily living expenses.

In addition, many TBI victims require frequent medical care and attention, with some needing around-the-clock supervision. Paying for those treatments without a steady income is often out of reach for many victims and their families.

At Skolrood Law Firm, our Roanoke brain injury attorneys believe that victims shouldn’t have to pay for their own TBI-related expenses out of pocket. We also believe they should get maximum compensation for what they’ve gone through—especially when their injuries occurred due to someone else’s negligence. That’s why we fight to help victims get the money they need for their medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If you or someone you love suffered a TBI, we want to hear from you. Contact us today to find out how we may be able to help your family.

Don’t Miss Out on the Compensation You Deserve After a Motorcycle Accident

by Staff Blogger | May 30th, 2019

Motorcycle accidents are much more likely to result in serious, debilitating, and even disabling injuries than motor vehicle accidents. That’s because even the most well-equipped riders still face significant risks when they’re involved in crashes due to a lack of safety features. Cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs are equipped with seat belts and airbags to protect occupants, but motorcyclists can easily be thrown from their bikes when they lose control or collide with other objects or vehicles.

The injuries associated with motorcycle accidents often result in days, weeks, or months away from work. Some victims may even become permanently disabled and are left unable to earn the paychecks their families depend on. At Skolrood Law Firm, we know how devastating injuries can be for victims when they leave them unable to earn a living, and that’s why we do everything in our power to help them get maximum compensation.

If you or someone you love was recently hurt in a motorcycle accident, you need an aggressive Roanoke motorcycle accident lawyer on your side who won’t take no for an answer and won’t settle for less than what you deserve. When you choose us to take on your claim, we’ll collect evidence that proves you weren’t at fault, and we’ll also determine exactly how much money you’re owed for your medical bills and lost wages—both now and in the future.

Finally, we’ll negotiate with the insurance company until we get an offer that’s fair for what you’ve been through. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’re ready to put our years of experience to work for you.

What Types of Compensation Are Available to Victims of Medical Malpractice?

by Staff Blogger | May 23rd, 2019

When you get treated by a doctor, surgeon, or other healthcare professional, there’s always a chance you won’t get the results you and your medical provider hope for. But sometimes, poor outcomes are due to the negligence of providers before, during, and after administering treatment or performing procedures. When that happens, medical malpractice may have occurred.

Proving medical malpractice isn’t easy. It requires a thorough investigation into everything from the initial diagnosis and treatment protocol to drug prescriptions and surgical procedures. When there’s enough evidence to support that medical malpractice occurred, victims may be entitled to significant compensation for things like:

  • Medical bills—Medical malpractice often results in patients experiencing a significant worsening of their health, and it may even put their lives at risk. Victims who win medical malpractice claims may be compensated for their initial and subsequent medical costs.
  • Lost wages—Medical malpractice victims may be unable to work for longer than expected, or they may even become permanently disabled. When they file medical malpractice claims, they may get compensation to replace their lost wages.
  • Pain and suffering—Medical malpractice can cause patients to experience significant pain and trauma. They may lose their ability to enjoy hobbies and time spent with their families, and they may develop psychological conditions. Victims’ pain and suffering can and should be compensated.

At Skolrood Law Firm, we know how to build strong claims for victims when healthcare professionals fail to provide adequate care. If you suspect you or someone you love is a victim of medical malpractice, contact a Roanoke medical malpractice lawyer today for a free consultation.

The Insurance Company May Use Your Words and Actions Against You After a Crash

by Staff Blogger | May 16th, 2019

Insurance companies spend millions of dollars every year trying to convince the public that they have their best interests in mind. But ultimately, insurance companies want to maximize their profits—and that’s hard to accomplish when they’re paying fair settlements to accident victims.

If you were recently hurt in a crash, the insurance company will do its best to pay you as little as possible or even deny your claim altogether. To do that, it will compile evidence against you, and some of that evidence may include your own statements about the crash and your injuries.

To protect yourself and your rights to compensation, it’s important to keep the following rules of thumb in mind in the days, weeks, and months after your crash:

  • Don’t talk about your accident on social media—When you file a compensation claim, an official record of what happened during the crash will be created. If any of your statements, including ones on social media, are contrary to that report, your claim could be jeopardized.
  • Don’t prematurely admit fault for the accident—Auto accidents are often traumatic and confusing. It can be difficult to remember what happened, and you may believe you were fully or partially at fault. If you admit fault, you may be unable to get compensation, even if evidence later disproves that.

Contacting an experienced Roanoke auto accident lawyer right away after the crash can help you focus on recovering and avoid the worries and hassles associated with the insurance company and its team of adjusters. Call Skolrood Law Firm today for a free consultation.

What Should You Do if You’re Involved in a Big Truck Accident?

by Staff Blogger | May 9th, 2019

Statistically, accidents involving semi trucks are more likely to cause serious injuries than accidents involving cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs. In addition, big truck accidents are more legally complex, as multiple parties may be liable, including truck drivers, truck companies, and truck owners.

It’s important to take the right steps after a tractor-trailer accident to protect your health and your rights to compensation. Those steps include the following actions:

  • Get medical attention—Injuries are common after semi-truck accidents, but they’re not always obvious. Getting evaluated and treated by a doctor can rule out or find internal injuries, while also creating an official record of your accident-related injuries.
  • Get a lawyer—Because multiple parties may be held liable for a single truck accident, it’s important to have experienced legal representation on your side from the beginning. Truck accidents are legally complex, but a Roanoke truck accident attorney is here to help.
  • Avoid social media—Truck companies and their insurance providers often push back hard against injury claims. They will go to great lengths to avoid paying victims the compensation they deserve, and that includes looking at victims’ social media for incriminating statements.

At Skolrood Law Firm, we know what you’re going through after a truck accident, and we want to help. Trust our experience and our track record of success in dealing with truck accident claims. Call today for a free consultation.

You’re Not Alone After Your Loved One’s Wrongful Death

by Staff Blogger | May 2nd, 2019

The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences you can go through in your life. The grief and shock you’re experiencing can be even worse if your loved one’s death was preventable and was caused by another person’s or party’s negligence.

At Skolrood Law Firm, our Roanoke wrongful death attorneys have helped many grieving family members just like you after their loved ones died due to the carelessness of others. You shouldn’t have to go through this difficult time on your own, and you shouldn’t have to pay for the expenses related to your loved one’s death out of your own pocket.

When you hire our legal team, we can provide the following assistance:

  • We’ll collect evidence to determine who was at fault—Whether your loved one died in an auto accident, a workplace accident, or due to medical mistakes, we’ll collect evidence that leaves no doubt about their cause of death.
  • We’ll determine how much money your family is owed—Losing a loved one isn’t just emotionally devastating—it can also be financially devastating. We’ll determine how much money your family should receive, including compensation for medical bills, funeral costs, and lost companionship.
  • We’ll negotiate with the insurance company—The last thing you should deal with is the back-and-forth with the insurance company after your loved one’s death. Let us handle that instead. It’s our goal to get you every penny you deserve.

Don’t go it alone after your loved one’s death. Call Skolrood Law Firm today for a free consultation.

Recognizing Abuse and Neglect Can Save Nursing Home Residents’ Lives

by Staff Blogger | April 25th, 2019

It’s important to be attentive when you visit your loved one in the nursing home. Although most nursing homes provide high-quality care and assistance with daily living tasks, some put residents’ health and even their lives in danger due to focusing on profits rather than resident well-being.

The next time you visit your loved one at his or her care facility, be on the lookout for the following signs of mistreatment:

  • Unexplained bruises and other signs of physical trauma—If you see signs of trauma on your loved one’s body, ask him or her what happened. If they’re unable to explain, ask a nurse or caregiver. They could be signs of abuse.
  • Sudden weight loss—Nursing home residents can be neglected when they don’t receive adequate nutrition. Staff members may withhold food or fail to diagnose conditions that can make eating difficult or uncomfortable, resulting in weight loss and declining physical health.
  • Personality changes—When residents become depressed, withdrawn, or even fearful, it may be due to mistreatment, including abuse and neglect, in their care facilities. In addition to physical abuse, residents may be subject to verbal and sexual abuse by caretakers and staff members.

A Roanoke nursing home abuse lawyer at Skolrood Law Firm wants to help if you believe that your loved one’s rights were violated in his or her nursing home. Call us today for a free consultation.

Motorcycle Accidents Require Experienced Legal Representation

by Staff Blogger | April 18th, 2019

Were you recently involved in a motorcycle accident? If so, you may be suffering from serious injuries that make it difficult or impossible for you to go back to work—and when you’re not working, you’re not earning the paychecks your family depends on. That means you may be struggling to pay for your family’s day-to-day expenses, let alone your medical bills.

At Skolrood Law Firm, our Roanoke motorcycle accident lawyers know how painful, debilitating, and expensive motorcycle crashes can be for victims. You have enough to deal with already—the last thing you need is weeks or months of back and forth with the insurance company while trying to get the money you deserve. Let us handle that on your behalf while you focus on getting better.

When you choose us to handle your claim, we can collect evidence that proves you weren’t at fault for your accident. Then, we’ll calculate how much money you and your loved ones need to move forward with your lives, including compensation for your current and future medical bills and lost wages. Finally, we’ll negotiate with the insurance company to maximize your chances of getting every penny you deserve.

Insurance companies don’t always treat motorcycle accident victims fairly, and that means you may be fighting an uphill battle from the day you file your claim. We’re ready to help level the playing field for you, and we want to use our experience and resources to stay one step ahead of the insurance company. Call today for a free consultation.