Two More Reasons to Call a Lawyer

by Staff Blogger | September 15th, 2016

We mention often on this blog the importance of calling a lawyer after a serious car accident, because doing so could be the difference between a small settlement and maximum compensation. In fact, the insurance industry’s own research study revealed that accident victims with a lawyer got more money on average than those without. Although that should be enough on its own to convince you that a free consultation with a lawyer is the right move, here are 2 reasons to call a lawyer that are just as important.

Less hassle. Let’s just assume that, despite your injuries, you were able to get the insurance company to pay you what your accident is worth. That process would be all-consuming for someone who has never gone through it before. From filing deadlines to countless conversations with the insurance company, your injury claim could dominate your life for a long time. An experienced car accident lawyer takes much of that responsibility off your back, so all you have to worry about is getting better.

Determining worth. Most accident victims who leave money on the table in their injury claim simply don’t know what their case is worth. Without an experienced lawyer on your side, you may not know that future medical expenses, physical therapy, lost wages, and pain and suffering should be considered for compensation from the insurance company. That could amount to thousands of dollars you didn’t know you were entitled to. The auto accident lawyers at Skolrood know how to determine the true worth of your case, and we’ll fight for every dollar.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, don’t make the mistake of going it alone. Call our experienced Roanoke car accident attorneys for a free consultation. Let us fight for what you truly deserve.