Can You Get Compensation After a Crash Without a Lawyer?

by Staff Blogger | July 2nd, 2020

At Skolrood Law Firm, it’s our job to help injured victims get money after crashes that weren’t their fault. However, we know that many victims are hesitant to call a lawyer. Going through the legal system can be an intimidating process for people who have never needed it before, and many people don’t want to burden others by suing them.

We get it! And in fact, you can get compensation after a crash without ever speaking to a lawyer. But it’s important to keep in mind that it’s typically the insurance companies that pay settlements to crash victims, and they don’t like spending money. In fact, that’s how they report big profits year after year.

Sometimes, insurance companies even offer victims settlements just days after their accidents occur. While they may seem great initially, as it requires less work and almost no waiting for a check, the deal is almost always rigged to be in favor of the insurance company.

Adjusters know about crashes right away, and when they realize they can’t easily deny a claim, they act fast to minimize the damage. One tactic is to offer a lowball settlement right away. Victims are often in shock and worried about medical bills and lost wages, and they frequently accept. But when they do, they forfeit their rights to future compensation.

That’s just one tactic insurance companies use. Simply put—having an experienced Roanoke auto accident lawyer on your side means you can focus on your recovery without worrying about the insurance company taking advantage of you. In addition, we’ll work hard to get you paid fair and square, and we’ll never accept less than what your accident is worth. Contact us today.