Fatal Car Accidents Plague Lynchburg, VA, Area

by sko | May 21st, 2012

May 18, 2012

A fatal car crash near Lynchburg, Virginia, on Wednesday brought the death count to 10. The Examiner.com reports that in less than a month there have been 10 unrelated deaths from nine fatal car crashes in the Lynchburg area.

This most recent crash occurred when an unidentified driver of a 1995 Cadillac was traveling west on U.S. Route 460 when he lost control, swerved into the east lane, and was hit by a bucket truck driven by a Roanoke man.

Just two days prior a man died when he ran his Tahoe off the road in Rustburg and was thrown from his vehicle. And between May 1 and May 4, there were five deaths: A 69-yar-old woman died after turning in front of a tractor trailer, an 83-year-old woman died after she stepped into traffic near Brookneal, a 69-year-old male died when his truck was hit by an ambulance, a 55-year-old male died when his motorcycle collided with a deer, and a four-year-old was killed when his mom ran a stop sign and another vehicle collided with the van.

Prior to that, a 53-year-old male died on May 2 when he was removing debris that had fallen from his truck onto the road, and two men died on April 21 when a drunk driver collided with their vehicle.

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