Know Any Good Lawyer Jokes?

by Staff Blogger | February 18th, 2016

Traditionally, lawyers have gotten a bad rap. They’re often portrayed as money-grubbing opportunists. They represent a misconception many Americans have of attorneys in general: that lawyers are only out for themselves.

As an attorney, one of the things most gratifying about the job is seeing perspectives change. We have clients all the time tell us, almost apologetically, that they had a complete misconception of what lawyers do and who they are. They tell us they felt like our firm truly cared about both their case and their future; that after one conversation with our attorneys, they knew they had found a law firm they could trust. There’s nothing better than winning a big settlement for your clients, but a close second is seeing someone finally grasp just how important personal injury lawyers are to protecting your rights.

It’s also incredible to see so many young people choosing the legal profession as their career, knowing the public misconception. That’s encouraging, as it tells me that the next generation, like our own, recognizes the importance of this work to the citizens of Roanoke. We are their advocates, their defenders, and we’re ready to stand up for their rights no matter what.

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