New Technology Allows Driverless Cars through Intersections

by Staff Blogger | December 6th, 2012

Dec. 6, 2012

Experts say that driver error is a contributing factor in roughly 90 percent of motor vehicle accidents. But what if people no longer had to drive? An article from Science Daily says cutting-edge highway safety technology is being tested at Virginia Tech that could make this a possibility in the near future.

Virginia Tech engineering researchers developed an algorithm for controlling driverless vehicles seamlessly through an intersection. Ismail Zohdy, a doctoral student leading the research, stated that when a vehicle gets within 200 meters of an intersection, a computerized traffic controller takes over the vehicle. Information is then shared between the controller and the vehicle regarding the vehicle’s size, weight, and position. The program controls all traffic through the intersection, eliminating the risk of accidents and potential injuries or fatalities.

While the project is still in the testing phase, researchers are planning to put the system into real-world use at a roundabout on the school’s campus in coming months. The group’s findings have been tested with different levels of driverless traffic volume.

The Roanoke Personal Injury Lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm believe this type of technology will be greatly beneficial in reducing the number of Roanoke car accidents. The law firm is hopeful that this research can soon help prevent injuries on the open road, and would like to wish the researchers the best of luck in their future endeavors.