Roanoke Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Advancements in Driverless Vehicle Technology

by Staff Blogger | September 5th, 2013

September 5, 2013

The Roanoke Car Accident Lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm explain that each year, millions of motor vehicle collisions result in injuries or deaths. Studies have shown that one of the leading causes of these accidents is driver error.

To help prevent such crashes from occurring, many companies are working to develop technology that aids motorists in operating their vehicles. Google is taking that concept one step further by building a vehicle that drives itself.

According to WSLS 10 News, Google’s driverless car is currently undergoing testing at Virginia Tech’s Smart Road, a closed stretch of highway where variables can be easily controlled and manipulated by researchers. A team from the school is investigating feedback from users to determine what changes can be made to improve usability.

The vehicle has also undergone several real-world tests in the Washington, D.C. area and was demonstrated to state representative, Bob Goodlatte, earlier this year.

The team says that while driverless vehicles are still in the research phase, experts are hopeful for a public release sooner than later.

Skolrood Law Firm’s team of Roanoke Car Accident Lawyers is aware of how many accidents could be avoided by automated vehicles. But until these vehicles hit the road, the firm asks motorists to be extra vigilant of their surroundings while driving to avoid accidents and collisions.