Virginia State Police Adopt New Technique to Prevent Distracted Driving

by Staff Blogger | October 2nd, 2014

As the use of handheld electronic technology grows, so does the number of motor vehicle accidents associated with distracted driving. In 2011, cellphone use was involved in as many as 23 percent of all car crashes in the United States—and that number is believed to have grown in recent years.

So what is being done to prevent Roanoke car accidents at the hands of distracted drivers? Law enforcement in the state is cracking down on the behavior by utilizing at least one unique technique.

An article from WDBJ 7 News explains the Virginia State Police are using unmarked, typical looking vehicles to watch for drivers who are texting while driving along the highways of southwest Virginia. Officials say officers will drive along the roads snapping pictures of distracted drivers before pulling them over and issuing them $125 citations. The program seems to be working too. In a single eight hour shift, officers were able to issue 26 distracted driving tickets—an infraction that can often be difficult to enforce.

At Skolrood Law Firm, we recognize the dangers associated with distracted driving. That’s why our team of Roanoke personal injury lawyers would like to applaud our state’s law enforcement for discouraging distracted driving.