YOVASO Works to Make Virginia Teens Safe on the Roads

by Staff Blogger | October 29th, 2015

The impact that  car accident injuries and crash fatalities have on individuals and communities can be tremendous. After experiencing overwhelming tragedy caused by motor vehicle accidents, a group of Virginia high school students decided to make a difference.

The Staunton River High School’s chapter of the “Youth of Virginia Speak Out About Traffic Safety” (YOVASO) is helping students turn their collective tragedies into something positive.

According to an article from WDBJ 7 News, the school has become known for its students being involved in tragic accidents. In 2012, three students were killed within a single week as the result of motor vehicle collisions. Now, the sister of one of those students is the president of Staunton’s YOVASO chapter and she, along with others in the group, are determined to protect the lives of fellow students.

The organization—which is comprised of almost 60 students—focuses on educating their peers about the importance of safe driving habits, such as buckling up. They have achieved this goal by producing a seat belt safety video titled, “Save Your Tailgate.” The campaign was recently launched during Homecoming festivities and went on to win a Grand Prize at a state competition.

The campaign message has already proven to make a significant difference. One YOVASO member credits hearing the group’s message about seat belt safety with saving her life during a serious accident.

Our legal staff at the Skolrood Law Firm believes in making the public aware of the dangers they face on the road and how to protect themselves while driving. That’s why our Roanoke car accident lawyers would like to applaud the efforts being made by Staunton River High’s chapter of YOVASO. We hope this group and other groups like it continue to grow and make an impact on highway safety in the future.