Wrongful Death

You Don’t Have to Pursue a Wrongful Death Claim Alone

by Staff Blogger | October 25th, 2018

Getting your life and the lives of your loved ones back to normal as much as possible is one of your top priorities after the death of a family member. But it can be difficult to accomplish that when you’re dealing with the loss of income that you counted on for your day-to-day living expenses.

When someone is hurt or even killed because of another person’s or party’s negligence, their loved ones can file compensation claims on their behalf. Getting full compensation is often a challenge, as insurance companies are reluctant to pay settlements to victims and their families. Wrongful death claims present additional challenges, as many surviving family members don’t want to deal with the back-and-forth with the insurance company or the large amounts of paperwork, phone calls, and other hassles associated with those claims.

At Skolrood Law Firm, our Roanoke wrongful death lawyers are dedicated to lifting that burden off the shoulders of people like you. You have enough to deal with already—you shouldn’t have to spend your days collecting and submitting paperwork or negotiating with the insurance company. Let us handle that aspect of your compensation claim for you.

When you choose our law firm to handle your wrongful death lawsuit, you’ll get a legal team that knows how to collect evidence that proves your loved one’s death was caused by negligence. We’ll also calculate how much money your family is owed for your loss, and we’ll fight to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation.

Let Us Take the Financial Stress Off Your Shoulders After Your Loved One’s Death

by Staff Blogger | August 30th, 2018

If you recently lost a loved one, you have enough on your mind already. You’re grieving your loss and doing your best to adjust alongside your family members. The last thing you should be focused on is dealing with the insurance company and the seemingly endless back and forth associated with compensation claims.

At Skolrood Law Firm, we can take that burden off of your shoulders. We know how difficult this time can be for your entire family, and that’s why we’ll do everything we can to allow you to focus on what’s most important.

When you choose our Roanoke wrongful death lawyers, you’ll get the following assistance:

  • We’ll prove your loved one’s death was preventable and caused by negligence. Insurance companies are often reluctant to pay claims to surviving family members after wrongful deaths. But when they’re presented with compelling evidence, they often have no choice but to begin the process of offering a settlement.
  • We’ll negotiate how much money your family deserves. Even when insurance companies concede and prepare a settlement, the money is often insufficient for families’ losses. We’ll determine how much money you deserve for things like medical bills, lost wages, and loss of companionship.
  • We’ll handle all communication with the insurance company. When we take on your claim, the insurance company will have to go through us to get to you. That means you won’t be bothered by phone calls, emails, or social media messages from adjusters.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and to see how our years of experience can be put to work for your family.

Wrongful Death Claims Help Grieving Families Like Yours

by Staff Blogger | July 12th, 2018

At Skolrood Law Firm, our Roanoke wrongful death lawyers have helped many families like yours after the death of a loved one.

We know that you’re going through one of the most difficult times in your life. Dealing with the legal process, the insurance company, and the paperwork that goes along with filing a claim may seem like the last thing you want to do.

It’s important to remember that the loss of a loved one can affect you in many ways, including financially. That’s especially true if the deceased was the major or primary income-earner for your household. Just as victims and their families can file claims for compensation after negligence-related accidents and injuries, so too can surviving family members after negligence leads to deaths.

In addition to getting compensation for things like your loved one’s lost wages, funeral costs, and medical bills, as well as your pain and suffering and loss of companionship, filing a wrongful death lawsuit can also help deter future negligence in the form of punitive damages.

Punitive damages are awarded to victims’ family members after wrongful death claims, and they’re designed as a form of financial punishment for the responsible parties.

Pursuing compensation is a personal decision after the death of a loved one, but getting the money you and your loved ones deserve after your loss can help you move forward with your lives and honor the memory of the family member you lost.

To find out how we may be able to help you during this difficult time, call us or fill out a free consultation form.

Why Do You Need an Attorney to Help with Your Wrongful Death Claim?

by Staff Blogger | May 17th, 2018

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be overwhelming. You need time to grieve, but you also may be worried about how you and your family will stay on top of bills and everyday living expenses—especially if the deceased was the primary income earner for your household.

At Skolrood Law Firm, our Roanoke wrongful death lawyers are here to take some of that burden off your shoulders. You shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about the legal side of your loved one’s death—you have enough to deal with already.

It’s our goal to do everything we can for you and your family. If you choose us to handle your case, you can find peace of mind knowing that our attorneys will:

  • Collect evidence that proves your loved one’s death was avoidable—Whether your loved one was killed in a motor vehicle accident, a work-related accident, or due to a medical mistake, we’ll make sure the insurance company knows that his or her death was preventable, avoidable, and caused by another person’s or party’s negligence.
  • Calculate how much money you’re owed—Medical bills, funeral expenses, and current and future lost income can turn many households upside down after a death. We’ll calculate how much you’re owed for your loss, and we’ll fight to maximize your chances of getting it.

Let us handle the paperwork and communication with the insurance company, while you focus on taking care of your family and honoring your loved one’s memory. Call today for a free consultation.

How Do You Know if You Have a Wrongful Death Claim?

by Staff Blogger | March 29th, 2018

Losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult experiences of your life, especially if his or her death was due to another person’s or party’s negligence. It can be even more difficult if he or she was a primary income earner for your household and you and your other family members aren’t in a position to replace the lost income.

At Skolrood Law Firm, we know that a family member’s death can be difficult for many reasons, and we also know that many families experience significant disruptions in their lifestyles and even their abilities to keep up with day-to-day living expenses as a result.

Filing a wrongful death claim may help you recover compensation for your loved one’s death, but it’s important to first establish that your loved one’s death qualifies for damages. Wrongful death claims can stem from a variety of accidents and scenarios, such as:

  • Auto accidents – When drivers violate traffic laws and cause fatal accidents by speeding, driving under the influence, or driving recklessly, they can be held responsible for any accident-related deaths.
  • Medical malpractice – Healthcare professionals can be held liable if their mistakes result in patient deaths, especially if their mistakes are due to carelessness or negligence.
  • Workplace accidents – Employers are responsible for protecting their employees by providing adequate training, safety equipment, and safe environments. When they fail to do so, employees can be seriously injured or even killed—and employers can be held responsible.

Our Roanoke wrongful death lawyers are here to answer your questions and address your concerns regarding this difficult and sensitive matter. Call us today for a free consultation.


Proving 3 Factors in Your Wrongful Death Claim

by Staff Blogger | January 25th, 2018

Losing a family member is devastating. But if their death was caused by another’s negligence, the aftermath can be even more painful. It can also be financially devastating, especially if the decedent was the primary income-earner in your household.

Filing a wrongful death claim may help you recover damages after your loved one’s death. In Virginia, it requires proving three key factors:

  1. The death was due to negligence or defects. To be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit, surviving family members and their legal counsel must be able to prove that the death was caused by a person’s or organization’s negligence, or due to defective equipment or products.
  2. The negligent act would have been grounds for a personal injury claim. A good rule of thumb for wrongful death claims is that the circumstances surrounding them are similar to those of personal injury lawsuits filed by living victims and their families.
  3. The death resulted in financial damages for the family. Surviving family members who file wrongful death lawsuits must have suffered financially due to their loved one’s death, and they must be able present evidence supporting their monetary losses.

The Roanoke wrongful death lawyers at Skolrood Law Firm know what it takes to build strong claims for grieving families, and it’s our goal to help you get the compensation you deserve during this difficult time. Call today for a free consultation.

Compensation for Families After a Wrongful Death

by Staff Blogger | September 21st, 2017

After the death of your loved one, you have important questions and you want answers—especially if you suspect that their death was preventable or avoidable. Who was responsible? What errors led to his or her death? And how are you supposed to move on without your loved one’s emotional and financial support?

Losing a loved one takes an emotional toll, and losing financial support—especially if your loved one was your household’s primary source of income—can put your entire family’s future in jeopardy. Filing a wrongful death claim for the loss of your loved one can help you get closure for their death and get compensation.

Surviving family members can receive compensation for a variety of wrongful death-related damages, including:

  • Medical bills – Your loved one may have incurred significant medical bills while receiving treatment.
  • Funeral expenses – The average cost of funerals in the U.S. and Virginia is steadily increasing, and you may be unable to afford those costs without help.
  • Lost future earnings – When your loved one passed, you lost years of financial support—and that can be devastating for your family.
  • Lost companionship – You can’t put a price tag on the absence of a loved one in your life, but it’s a factor in many wrongful death claims.

In addition, you also may be eligible to receive damages for things like lost pension or retirement plans and even punitive damages from the person responsible for your loved one’s death.

Don’t wait to get the experienced legal help you deserve. At Skolrood Law Firm, our Virginia wrongful death lawyers know how to build claims that get results. Call today for a free consultation.

Why You Should File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

by Staff Blogger | July 20th, 2017

Nothing can prepare you for the death of a loved one. Even when anticipated, the shock can still shake up your entire life. That shock is magnified when a death comes unexpectedly or is caused by someone else. The term ‘wrongful death’ refers to a death brought about by the carelessness or negligence of an individual or other entity, such as a corporation or government. As a surviving family member, you have the right to seek damages from the at-fault party, and we encourage you to do so.

Here’s why.

Your loved one’s death does more than deprive your family of their companionship. It deprives you and your family of your loved one’s potential. Over the course of their lives, they would have provided valuable resources for your family that can no longer be realized. That loss of income, opportunity, and potential must be reconciled, and that’s exactly what we seek to do at Skolrood Law Firm.

If you’ve lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, contact our experienced Roanoke wrongful death attorneys today for a free consultation. We’d be happy to review your case at no cost or obligation, so you and your family can take the right next steps confidently. You don’t have to go through this alone. Contact us today.

Seeking Justice for a Wrongful Death

by Staff Blogger | June 7th, 2017

If someone you know broke into your home and stole something valuable, you’d do something about it, right? Of course you would. What they did was wrong and they need to be held accountable for it. At the very least, you deserve to have whatever they took from you returned. Unfortunately, for the families of a wrongful death victim, what has been taken can never be returned.

If you’ve lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, you and your family may need substantial financial support going forward. You’ve lost more than a loved one. You’ve lost a contributor to your family. Their future potential has been taken from you and your family, leaving you in a tough financial position. At the Skolrood Law Firm, we hold individuals and organizations accountable for carelessly taking the lives of others. That means seeking maximum financial compensation for the victims’ families.

Your family has been through a traumatic experience, and we wish we could say it’ll get easier soon. The reality is you never fully recover from this type of loss, but in time you will heal. Focus on that. Let us focus on getting your loved one justice. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our experienced Roanoke wrongful death attorneys will fully investigate your loved one’s death and work to get you and your family the financial compensation you deserve.

You don’t have to go through this alone. Contact us today.

Why You Should Call a Wrongful Death Attorney Immediately

by Staff Blogger | March 30th, 2017

Perhaps the greatest hardship anyone can be asked to weather is the unexpected death of a loved one. It rips from you a companion and a provider, but possibly more devastating, it robs you of the opportunity to say goodbye. At Skolrood Law Firm, we’ve been handling wrongful death lawsuits for decades, and we still haven’t found the words that adequately express the sympathy we feel for our clients who have gone through it. We suspect that’s because there aren’t any.

Beyond the grief, there are serious financial implications of a wrongful death case that must be considered. Your family’s future may depend on the financial decisions you make immediately following your loved one’s death, which is why so many folks in Roanoke give us a call when contemplating their next move. Our experienced wrongful death attorneys know how to determine what your wrongful death lawsuit is worth, and we’ll fight to get you and your family every dollar you deserve.

If you’ve lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, give us a call today for a free consultation. Our firm has helped many others in our community, and we’re ready to help you as well. Don’t try to go through this alone. Contact us today.