Healthcare Resolutions Program Implemented at Veteran Medical Facilities

by Staff Blogger | December 3rd, 2015

Any time we undergo a medical procedure, there are risks involved. Some mistakes tend to occur more frequently than others, and one of the most common medical errors being reported today involves miscommunications between medical staff.

From a patient being given the wrong medication, to a botched treatment or surgery, negligence in conveying the proper message plays a role in many medical errors that occur. Some facilities and medical professionals are working to prevent such errors by creating a culture of accountability amongst staff. The idea seems to be picking up pace rapidly.

An article from the Military Times takes a closer look at how the Department of Defense has adopted the technique by implementing the Healthcare Resolutions program at a number of veteran medical facilities nationwide. The program works by connecting doctors and medical staff with patients who have been harmed after receiving negligent medical care. Both parties are then able to sit and discuss what went wrong with the patient’s care, as well as what’s being done to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

Experts say creating such transparency can help ward off liability claims and medical malpractice lawsuits.

At the Skolrood Law Firm, we believe in the importance of medical professionals being held accountable for their actions. That’s why the Roanoke medical malpractice attorneys are happy to see a shift in culture occurring in the medical industry and are hopeful to see programs like Healthcare Resolutions expanding to other facilities and organizations across the United States in the future.