Roanoke Medical Malpractice Attorneys Discuss Common Medical Mistakes

by Staff Blogger | April 9th, 2015

Doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals have a legal and ethical responsibility to make the health and safety of their patients a top priority. Yet, more than 98,000 medical errors are reported each year. The Roanoke medical malpractice attorneys with Skolrood Law Firm point out that one in five Americans will be, or know someone who will be, the victim of a medical mistake.

This leaves many people wondering what the most common medical mistakes are. The National Partnership for Women & Families crunched the data and determined the two most common causes are:

  • Medication Errors– These mistakes include giving patients incorrect dosages. Giving a patient the wrong drug all together is also considered a medication error. The Institute of Medicine found as many as 7,000 people die as a result of these mistakes each year.
  • Hospital Acquired Infections– Exposure to germs during treatment accounts for as many as 1.7 million infections each year.

Additionally, NBC News reported that misdiagnosis by doctors affects as many as 12 million patients per year.

If you or a loved one have been harmed by a doctor’s negligence or error, you have legal rights. At Skolrood Law Firm, our legal staff has years of experience helping victims of medical malpractice. Contact our Roanoke personal injury attorneys if you have questions after a medical error or misdiagnosis. We can be reached at (866) 215-8065.