Why Some Insurance Companies Are Biased Against Motorcyclists

by Staff Blogger | July 16th, 2020

It’s a fact that insurance companies want to protect their profits at the expense of people who need settlements and compensation. After all, if insurers paid claims to every deserving victim, they wouldn’t report huge profits year after year, which is almost always the case.

When you combine that fact with the fact that insurance companies are biased against motorcyclists, it’s easy to see what an uphill battle bikers face when they’re injured in crashes that weren’t their fault. But why do insurance companies give motorcyclists unfair treatment? There are a few reasons it happens:

  • They believe stereotypes—Movies, television shows, and other forms of media like to paint everyone who rides a motorcycle as a ruffian or a daredevil. Insurance companies aren’t immune to this stereotype, and they approach such claims with a closed mind.
  • They think motorcyclists caused their own crashes—Because of that stereotype, insurance companies may believe that motorcyclists did something to cause their own crashes. In their minds, adjusters believe that riders were certainly speeding, weaving, or riding recklessly.
  • They don’t want to pay large settlements—Motorcyclists are significantly more likely to suffer serious injuries in crashes than people in passenger vehicles. The worse their injuries, the bigger the potential settlement. Insurers know that, and that’s why they’re even more reluctant to give motorcyclists a fair shake.

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