Were You in a Motorcycle Accident in 2016?

by Staff Blogger | March 23rd, 2017

If you’ve read our blog before, you know that we are motorcycle enthusiasts at Skolrood Law Firm. For those of us who love to ride, winter can seem like a never-ending season. We long for warmer days when an afternoon ride doesn’t require 15 layers of clothing and hand warmers. Unfortunately for Virginians, that’s still a while off.

You might think since it’s winter that our motorcycle accident workload would be lower, but that’s not necessarily the case. If you or someone you love has been in a motorcycle accident, you know that a full recovery can take months, even years. In fact, there are more than likely folks out there in our communities who were involved in a motorcycle accident months ago and still are trying to put their lives back together. If that’s your situation and you haven’t already settled with the insurance company, you should give us a call immediately.

The motorcycle accident attorneys at Skolrood Law Firm have years of experience helping Virginia motorcycle accident victims get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. That can include money for medical expenses, lost wages, and more. If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, get a law firm that rides on your side. We know your rights, and we’ll fight tooth and nail to get you all the compensation you deserve.