Motorcycle Accident? Don’t Take the Blame.

by Staff Blogger | June 22nd, 2017

A motorcycle accident claim in Roanoke isn’t something you should take on alone. Doing so could leave you and your family in a difficult financial situation that you may not be able to pull yourself out of. The problems come right from the start. Proving fault in a motorcycle accident can be tricky, especially if there were no witnesses. Someone with questionable integrity could try to pin the blame on you, even though it was their fault. If the officer at the scene sees it their way, it can make getting fair compensation extremely difficult.

Even if the accident report indicates you were the victim in the accident, you still have a long road ahead dealing with the insurance company. They want you to go away as quickly as possible, so they may throw a decent settlement offer at you soon following your accident. In our experience, these offers won’t cover all of your expenses long-term, nor will they compensate you for lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Don’t fall for it. Call an experienced motorcycle accident attorney instead.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, Skolrood Law Firm may be able to help. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Because we ride as well, we know what you’re going through and we’ll do everything within our power to make sure you get full compensation for your injuries. Don’t take on the big insurance company alone. Contact us today.