Upcoming Safety Courses Every Rider Should Consider

by Staff Blogger | March 12th, 2015

Data from a motorcycle accident study called “The Hurt Report” shows a majority of riders involved in collisions have received little to no formal training on how to properly operate a bike. And as the weather begins to warm in western Virginia, the Roanoke motorcycle accident lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm urge motorcyclists of all experience levels to consider taking a course on motorcycle safety.

The Basic Motorcycle Rider Safety Course is offered in Roanoke throughout the spring and summer by Virginia Western. The first of the three-day courses will kick off tomorrow, March 13, and the last course will be offered beginning July 24.

Those who participate in the course will learn about parts of a motorcycle, as well as the physics of proper operation in a classroom setting. Then, riders will take the knowledge they gained and apply it to real-world situations while maneuvering a motorcycle through a closed course.

A class for more experienced riders will focus instruction on more advanced safety techniques.

Our attorneys have years of experience both riding motorcycles and helping victims of motorcycle accidents. We encourage you to keep safety in mind at all times while riding and would like to offer some motorcycle safety tips to help you make your motorcycle experience a safe one.