The “Smart Helmet” and Other Technological Advancements in Motorcycle Safety

by Staff Blogger | July 10th, 2015

Technological advancements in the past twenty years have made our vehicles much safer and as we sit on the edge of another massive technological advancement in wireless communication, you can expect to see more new and innovative safety technology making its way onto the market.

While most technology has focused on making cars and trucks safer, our Roanoke motorcycle accident lawyers point out that companies are beginning to recognize its application potential in the motorized bike market. The development of the smart helmet is just one example of this.

An article from Information Week discusses the Skully AR-1 helmet and what it can do. It can provide both audio and visual GPS navigation, while offering a wide-angle lens on a rearview camera. This information is transmitted to the user via a transparent heads up display, so as not to take the rider’s attention off of the road. The helmet is also capable of connecting with up to 10 other helmets and motorcycles by utilizing Bluetooth technology.

Other safety advancements being engineered include the use of vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology in order to avoid collisions, as well as advancements in diagnostic capabilities.

At Skolrood Law Firm, we are aware of the important role safety equipment and technology play in the motorcycle industry and lifestyle, which is why our Roanoke personal injury lawyers are hopeful to see the developments we have discussed implemented and on the road sooner, rather than later.