Warm Weather Means More Motorcyclists and More Risks on Virginia’s Roadways

by Staff Blogger | March 5th, 2020

Spring hasn’t officially arrived yet, but warm weather is already pushing out the cold in Virginia. As temperatures heat up throughout the area, motorcyclists are itching to dust off their helmets and take their bikes out for a spin. Whether you’re a motorcyclist or just commute in and around the city, it’s important to be aware of the increased dangers motorcyclists face, especially during the first few weeks of spring and warmer weather.

Those risks include:

  • Roadway hazards—When it comes to road hazards and defects, none are more dangerous to motorcyclists than potholes. Potholes are especially common in the early days of spring, as they form during the winter and many haven’t been repaired yet.
  • Inattentive motorists—Drivers don’t pay enough attention to motorcyclists as-is. Combine that with months of not seeing many motorcyclists, and you have a recipe for disaster.
  • Heavy rainfall—Spring is a time of inclement weather, including heavy rainfall. Rain can make roads extremely dangerous for motorcyclists, as it can combine with oil, fallen leaves, gravel, and other debris to reduce motorcycle tire traction.
  • Fewer daylight hours—Unlike summer, spring still has relatively short days. That means that while it may be warm out, going for a late afternoon ride can mean driving home in the dark, a statistically dangerous time for riders.

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