We Protect Injured Motorcyclists from Biased Insurance Companies

by Staff Blogger | September 12th, 2019

Because of their affordability, excellent fuel efficiency, and easy parking, people of all walks of life ride motorcycles. However, insurance companies often view motorcyclists as being reckless, aggressive, and even dangerous on roadways. When motorcyclists are involved in road accidents, insurers and their teams of adjusters may try to assign blame to riders—even when there’s evidence that shows they weren’t at fault.

This unfair bias results in countless injured motorcyclists having their compensation claims reduced or denied every year. At Skolrood Law Firm, we believe that motorcyclists should always get a fair shake when it comes to getting money for their medical bills and lost wages. That’s why we do everything in our power to build strong claims for riders that insurance companies can’t simply dismiss out of hand.

Unfortunately, getting fair treatment from the insurance company is a rare occurrence—especially if you’re a motorcyclist. Trying to get compensation on your own after a motorcycle accident can be like rolling the dice. Our Roanoke motorcycle accident attorneys see the bias that motorcyclists face all the time, and we know how frustrating, stressful, and unfair it can be.

When you contact us, we’ll use our years of experience to build a claim that leaves no doubt about who was at fault. We compile enough evidence and present it in such a manner that even the most biased insurance company will have no choice but to reconsider their kneejerk reaction to the accident. Ready to get the money you deserve? Contact us today for a free consultation.