Abingdon Facility Facing Claims of Nursing Home Abuse

by Staff Blogger | December 10th, 2015

An Abingdon, Virginia, care facility for the elderly is at the center of a legal controversy involving allegations of nursing home abuse and neglect. The lawsuit was filed after a former employee claimed she was wrongfully terminated for reporting incidents where policies and procedures weren’t followed.

In February, the plaintiff in the case was hired as a quality assurance nurse at the facility in question. She soon began to witness patients suffering abusive and neglectful care in addition to being aware of records being altered after a patient died.  The nurse reported the incidents, but was fired from the facility in April.

The former nurse filed the suit claiming she was wrongfully terminated from her position in retaliation for her reports of misconduct. The facility has denied the claims, but this isn’t the first time the nursing home has been at the center of controversial care.

According to an article from WCYB News, the federal government ranks the facility with only one star out of five. This means the center is ranked as being “much below average” when it comes to meeting industry standards for care. Furthermore, the facility was fined more than $83,000 two years ago for undisclosed violations.

Our team at the Skolrood Law Firm believes in holding elder care facilities and their staff accountable for their actions. Our Roanoke personal injury lawyers are hopeful a resolution to this case will help to improve the care Virginia’s elderly citizens receive and will bring closure to those who were affected by the incidents in question.