Case of Potential Nursing Home Abuse at Abington Facility Sparks Investigation

by Staff Blogger | April 16th, 2015

Abuse and neglect of the elderly living in long-term care facilities is a rampant problem across the United States, but especially here in Virginia. The National Center on Elder Abuse estimates up to one third of residents in assisted living facilities will become victims of nursing home abuse or neglect this year.

Numbers like these may leave you wondering what you can do to combat this problem. Reporting any suspected abuse or neglect is a good first step. A thorough investigation can then be launched into the incident to determine if there was any wrongdoing.

An Abington, Virginia, nursing home is currently at the center of such an investigation after an anonymous tip led law enforcement and the Virginia Department of Health Services (VDHS) to believe that the death of a patient at the facility may have been avoidable.

An article from WJHL News says that the resident passed away on April 3. Over a week later, both the Abington Police Department and the VDHS began looking into the matter. While no information or conclusions from the investigation have been made public, information has come to light that this isn’t the first time the facility has been investigated for an incident where a patient was harmed.

Documents show that in 2013, the facility was cited for hiring employees with a history of abuse, neglect, or mistreatment of patients. Furthermore, the nursing home did not report or investigate potential cases of abuse or neglect while also failing to establish policies that prohibit such behavior.

One of the only ways to enforce accountability for medical and support staff at nursing homes is to investigate all possible instances of nursing home abuse or neglect. Our Roanoke personal injury lawyers at Skolrood Law Firm send their condolences to the family of the victim. The investigation won’t bring their loved one back, but hopefully, the results of the investigation will help protect the safety of residents at the Abington facility and ensure that anyone responsible for wrongdoing is held accountable for their actions.