Don’t Overlook Nursing Home Neglect

by Staff Blogger | April 12th, 2018

Residents in nursing homes throughout Virginia face two serious threats to their health and well-being: abuse and neglect.

The former is often more easily detected, as it frequently results in physical evidence. Bruises, cuts, and signs of sexual assault can be seen by family members, and residents are more likely to report such incidents to their loved ones, staff members, and other facility employees.

However, neglect can be more subtle and insidious. Family members may not realize that their loved ones are being denied the care and attention they need. Sometimes, neglect may even go on for years before it becomes obvious.

A few common signs of neglect include:

  • Sudden worsening of health – If your loved one has few health problems or ones that are well-controlled with medication, any sudden downturns in health can be indicative of neglect. Staff members may withhold medication and other vital treatments from patients, putting them in serious harm.
  • Poor hygiene and sanitation – Nursing home staff members are supposed to keep residents’ living quarters clean, give them frequent baths, and assist with normal hygiene requirements. When those tasks are delayed or performed infrequently, it may be a sign of neglect.
  • Isolation and psychological issues – Strong friendships and social bonds with other residents and staff members is essential for the happiness and well-being of nursing home residents. Neglect can occur when residents aren’t allowed to interact with others and are left alone in their rooms for long periods of time.

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