Touring a Nursing Home? Beware of These Red Flags.

by Staff Blogger | July 23rd, 2020

Making the decision to move your loved one into a nursing home is never easy. And with the growing population of senior citizens in America, there are more nursing homes to choose from than ever before. That can be both a blessing and a curse, as you may have plenty of options but also be unsure of where to start looking.

For many people, the first consideration is cost. After you’ve narrowed down nursing homes that are in your price range, it’s important to tour them to determine which is right for your loved one. While touring, be on the lookout for the following red flags, which can indicate that residents are receiving less than adequate care:

  • A chaotic environment—Nursing homes are often large facilities with potentially hundreds of residents. Ensuring that they remain harmonious and welcoming places requires proper staffing and training. If a nursing home seems loud, disorganized, and chaotic, look elsewhere.
  • Poor cleanliness—Nursing homes should be extremely neat and clean, especially in common areas. If areas such as offices, entryways, lobbies, outdoor spaces, and other high traffic spots are dirty, it can mean that resident spaces are even more neglected.
  • Disengaged residents—Nursing home residents may vary in age, health, and overall wellness. However, staff should always make efforts to keep residents as engaged, active, and busy as possible by coordinating stimulating activities. Residents who appear bored or disengaged may indicate a nursing home that’s out to make a buck—not provide adequate care.

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