What Are Common Causes of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

by Staff Blogger | October 17th, 2019

Moving a loved one into a nursing home is often met with mixed emotions for everyone involved. The person moving into the facility may mourn the loss of their independence, but welcome the increased level of healthcare and social outlets. Meanwhile, their family members may feel guilt about the decision, but may also be relieved that their loved one will get better and more frequent medical attention.

Unfortunately for some nursing home residents, moving into a facility can result in serious abuse and neglect—and it can start years after they move in or even right away. Elder abuse is shockingly common, and while it’s often perpetrated by family members, it can also be caused by caregivers in healthcare and nursing facilities.

It’s most common when nursing homes value profits over resident comfort, health, and satisfaction. Nursing homes often have hundreds of residents with unique medical conditions and healthcare requirements. Taking care of that many residents requires a large staff of highly trained personnel, which can be an enormous cost for nursing home owners and administrators.

To save money, some nursing homes intentionally understaff or hire underqualified employees. Cost-cutting measures such as that can be detrimental to residents’ well-being, as they may be more likely to be neglected due to staff shortages or abused by employees who lack sufficient training and who may not have been properly vetted before being hired.

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