blacksburg plant explosion

Three Workers File Lawsuit over Injuries Sustained in Blacksburg Explosion

by Staff Blogger | August 23rd, 2012

Aug. 23, 2012

A lawsuit was filed earlier this week in the U.S. District Court in Roanoke on the behalf of three workers who suffered serious personal injuries as the result of an explosion and subsequent fire at an auto parts plant in Blacksburg. According to an article published by The Roanoke Times, the suit is seeking $11 million in damages.

The accident happened in Dec. 2010 while the three men worked to clean ductwork in a plant that transported combustible dust to an outside area. While the men worked, a spark ignited in the collection area, causing a massive explosion and fireball to build.

A device that prevents a fire from spreading into the ductwork in the event of an ignition failed and the three men suffered serious burns as the fireball swept across them as they worked.

The men were taken to a North Carolina hospital to receive treatment for extensive and life-threatening burns sustained over a majority of their bodies.

The lawsuit claims that the plant failed to protect the workers from danger due to a “defective and unreasonably dangerous” dust collection system. Additionally, the suit claims the plant had failed to properly maintain the system.

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