Fireworks Injury

Safety Tips for the Fourth of July Weekend

by Staff Blogger | July 3rd, 2014

Fireworks displays can be a great source of entertainment around holidays and special events. But when safety precautions aren’t followed, fireworks can easily contribute to serious injuries. That’s why the Roanoke personal injury lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm are offering a list of fireworks safety tips to remember as you celebrate the Fourth of July tomorrow.

  • Supervision Is Crucial– The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says that small children should never be allowed to ignite or play with fireworks, including sparklers. Adult supervision should occur regardless of who is setting off the display or what their ages are.
  • Be Careful Lighting Fireworks– Never stand directly over fireworks while lighting fuses. Also, refrain from using fireworks wrapped in brown paper because these products are meant for professional displays and may present a risk to novice users.
  • Don’t Drink and Light– Refrain from using fireworks if you have consumed alcohol. Drinking can inhibit judgment, which can spell disaster when combined with fireworks.
  • Handle Fireworks as Little as Possible– Never pick up fireworks that do not ignite. Furthermore, never aim or throw part of a display at another person.
  • Never Run With Fireworks– Running with fireworks presents serious risk of fall, burn, or other injuries.
  • Extinguish- Prevent fires by submerging or dousing used fireworks in water before disposal.

Our team of attorneys at the Skolrood Law Firm hope these tips help you to have a fun and safe Fourth of July!