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$1.8 Million Settlement Reached in Roanoke Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

by Staff Blogger | November 12th, 2015

Each year in the United States, medical professionals make thousands of mistakes while treating patients. One of the most common medical errors reported are surgical mistakes.

A lawsuit was filed recently against a Roanoke hospital by the parents of a child who suffered a serious brain injury during a surgical procedure. The 21-month-old patient was admitted to the medical facility in September of 2012. A month later, the child underwent a surgical procedure in which a camera was inserted into her chest while a single lung was ventilated to provide oxygen.

During the procedure, the patient’s oxygen levels plummeted for a period of time. This resulted in the child suffering a serious brain injury that experts deemed would require lifelong medical attention.

The family of the victim filed suit against the medical facility, claiming the actions of the doctors the hospital hired were directly responsible for the patient’s injuries. However, both parties agreed to lay the matter to rest after the hospital agreed to pay the victim a sum of $1.8 million. According to The Roanoke Times, the victim will receive a monthly $5,000 payment for the next 50 years.

Overcoming the devastating harm a medical error can inflict is difficult, which is why the Roanoke medical malpractice attorneys at the Skolrood Law Firm are hopeful the decision that was reached in this particular case will bring a sense of closure to the incident for the victim and her family.