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A Few Motorcycle Safety Tips

by Staff Blogger | June 26th, 2014

Motorcycle season has officially made its way to Virginia. Unfortunately, so have the usual risks of accidents that bikers face. The Virginia State Police say that 81 riders lost their lives last year and there have already been several Virginia motorcycle accidents recorded this year already.

To help address these dangers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released statistics highlighting some of the typical risks motorcyclists face. The Roanoke motorcycle accident lawyers with the Skolrood Law Firm are also offering riders motorcycle safety tips to help prevent collisions.

The NHTSA reported in an article from Tri Cities News that while many motorcyclists are injured or killed as the result of collisions involving other vehicles, single vehicle crashes make up a large portion of these casualties as well. Speed and inability to maintain control of the bike were typically contributing factors in the latter type of crash.

So what can bikers do to stay safe when on the road? Mark Skolrood, founding attorney with the Skolrood Law Firm, is an avid motorcyclist and says there are several ways riders can protect themselves, including:

  • Wearing a Helmet and Safety Gear
  • Taking A Motorcycle Training Course
  • Driving Defensively At All Times

Our team of attorneys has a deep understanding of the importance of motorcycle awareness on the road and is offers several other motorcycle safety tips on tour website.