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Can You Get Compensation After a Crash Without a Lawyer?

by Staff Blogger | July 2nd, 2020

At Skolrood Law Firm, it’s our job to help injured victims get money after crashes that weren’t their fault. However, we know that many victims are hesitant to call a lawyer. Going through the legal system can be an intimidating process for people who have never needed it before, and many people don’t want to burden others by suing them.

We get it! And in fact, you can get compensation after a crash without ever speaking to a lawyer. But it’s important to keep in mind that it’s typically the insurance companies that pay settlements to crash victims, and they don’t like spending money. In fact, that’s how they report big profits year after year.

Sometimes, insurance companies even offer victims settlements just days after their accidents occur. While they may seem great initially, as it requires less work and almost no waiting for a check, the deal is almost always rigged to be in favor of the insurance company.

Adjusters know about crashes right away, and when they realize they can’t easily deny a claim, they act fast to minimize the damage. One tactic is to offer a lowball settlement right away. Victims are often in shock and worried about medical bills and lost wages, and they frequently accept. But when they do, they forfeit their rights to future compensation.

That’s just one tactic insurance companies use. Simply put—having an experienced Roanoke auto accident lawyer on your side means you can focus on your recovery without worrying about the insurance company taking advantage of you. In addition, we’ll work hard to get you paid fair and square, and we’ll never accept less than what your accident is worth. Contact us today.

Roanoke Police Hosting Event to Increase Traffic Safety Awareness

by Staff Blogger | October 9th, 2014

Crimes and accidents along the Roanoke’s roads are a very serious concern to many citizens of the area. Reports indicate there were a total of 1,128 motor vehicle collisions last year alone. These crashes resulted in 450 injuries, as well as 10 Roanoke car accident fatalities.

These startling statistics have left many residents looking for ways to raise road safety awareness. The Roanoke Police Department (RPD) is addressing these concerns with an event this coming weekend.

WDBJ 7 News reports the RPD will be holding a Crime Prevention and Traffic Safety Day on Saturday, Oct. 11, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Melrose Park. The family friendly event will offer free food, face painting, and games for the kids to play. Child ID kits and child fingerprinting will also be available to attendees.

The event will also be educational and will host several K-9 demonstrations in addition to providing free police car, fire truck, and mobile command unit tours.

The team of Roanoke personal injury lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm recognizes the importance of highway safety. That’s why we encourage you to get out with the whole family this weekend and attend this entertaining and educational event!

VDOT Lifts Lane Closures for Memorial Day Weekend

by mhoffman | May 22nd, 2014

Traveling on a holiday weekend can be stressful even under perfect weather conditions. From traffic jams to lane closures, it doesn’t take long for a couple-hour drive to turn into an all-day excursion. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) hopes to make the drive times for travelers a little shorter this Memorial Day weekend by lifting lane closures and providing other traffic-related resources.

Starting at noon on Friday, May 23, lane closures throughout the state will be lifted to ease traffic flow over the holiday weekend. For driver convenience to and from their holiday destinations, these lanes will remain clear through Tuesday morning.

Along with lifting lane closures, VDOT has also provided interactive maps that depict traffic patterns for the past three years to help motorists estimate travel times. There is even a mobile version that can access while on the road.

The maps show interstate traffic throughout the day, utilizing a heat map model. Red indicates heavy congestion, yellow indicates moderate congestion, and green indicates little to no congestion.

VDOT also encourages motorists to follow these five safety tips while driving:

  • Buckle up
  • Avoid distractions
  • Share the road
  • Drive drug- and alcohol-free
  • Obey speed limits

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, we want to help. Give one of our Roanoke car accident lawyers a call today for a free initial consultation.

Roanoke Car Accident Lawyers Examine Study Showing Dangers of Distracted Driving

by Staff Blogger | January 9th, 2014

January 9, 2013

Distracted driving is becoming one of the greatest contributing factors to motor vehicle accidents on the roadways of the United States. In fact, data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that, in 2012 alone, a total of 3,328 people died and another 421,000 individuals were injured in distracted driving crashes.

The Roanoke Car Accident Lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm explains a new study aims to raise awareness about just how dangerous distracted driving is among teenagers. Reports indicate the group of researchers culminated data from equipment installed in the vehicles of 42 newly licensed 16- and 17-year-old drivers and 109 adult motorists.

According to an article from WSLS 10 News, the team concluded the chances of being involved in an accident increased seven times when motorists attempted to reach for or dial cellphones. The odds of a crash also increased by as much as four times when motorists attempted to respond to text messages. However, no increase was noted when motorists talked on cellphones.

The Skolrood Law Firm and their team of Roanoke Personal Injury Lawyers recognize the risks of driving while distracted and hope the new study’s findings will prompt motorists to put their phones down while driving.

Roanoke County Addresses Dangerous Teenage Driving to Help Reduce Accidents

by Staff Blogger | December 19th, 2013

December 19, 2013

Studies have shown two factors that can significantly increase the chances of being involved in a motor vehicle collision are alcohol consumption and inexperience. The Roanoke Car Accident Lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm explain the city is addressing these issues in a public forum aimed at raising awareness about the risks teenagers face behind the wheel.

An article published in The Roanoke Times say the actions were prompted by a crash involving four teenagers. Reports indicate the incident took place on the night of Nov. 11, when a teenage motorist who had been drinking lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a home. The impact of the collision claimed two of the passengers’ lives and the driver is now facing criminal charges.

On Monday, the Prevention Council of Roanoke County discussed the risky behaviors teenagers sometimes choose to engage in behind the wheel. This conversation is vital, considering teens in Roanoke County are involved in alcohol-related accidents at a rate that is as much as two-thirds higher than the state’s average.

The state is also working to reduce alcohol-related accidents in the region through several public awareness campaigns.

Skolrood Law Firm’s team of Roanoke Personal Injury Lawyers applauds the actions being taken by state and county officials to better protect teenage drivers from dangerous behaviors on the road and are hopeful that the efforts are a success!

Roanoke Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Advancements in Driverless Vehicle Technology

by Staff Blogger | September 5th, 2013

September 5, 2013

The Roanoke Car Accident Lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm explain that each year, millions of motor vehicle collisions result in injuries or deaths. Studies have shown that one of the leading causes of these accidents is driver error.

To help prevent such crashes from occurring, many companies are working to develop technology that aids motorists in operating their vehicles. Google is taking that concept one step further by building a vehicle that drives itself.

According to WSLS 10 News, Google’s driverless car is currently undergoing testing at Virginia Tech’s Smart Road, a closed stretch of highway where variables can be easily controlled and manipulated by researchers. A team from the school is investigating feedback from users to determine what changes can be made to improve usability.

The vehicle has also undergone several real-world tests in the Washington, D.C. area and was demonstrated to state representative, Bob Goodlatte, earlier this year.

The team says that while driverless vehicles are still in the research phase, experts are hopeful for a public release sooner than later.

Skolrood Law Firm’s team of Roanoke Car Accident Lawyers is aware of how many accidents could be avoided by automated vehicles. But until these vehicles hit the road, the firm asks motorists to be extra vigilant of their surroundings while driving to avoid accidents and collisions.

Traffic and Poor Highway Design Leading to Roanoke Car Accidents

by Staff Blogger | August 22nd, 2013

August 22, 2013

As the number of vehicles on the road continues to grow around Roanoke, there’s been an increase in the number of motor vehicle collisions recorded. The Roanoke Car Accident Lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm say that many of these accidents could have been avoided with an improved highway infrastructure.

A story published by The Roanoke Times recently discussed the infrastructure problems plaguing U.S. Highway 220. In recent years, the state has made numerous improvements to the road including new message boards, more turning lanes, and fewer highway crossings. However, the area continues to see a large number of accidents.

Experts say a large number of these accidents can be blamed on a defective highway design that was not meant to carry the large volume of vehicles on the road.

Officials are working to solve these problems by planning a major interstate system to stretch from the border running between North Carolina and Virginia and the city of Roanoke. The project has been put on hold though for more than twenty years due to numerous constraints. In the meantime, officials are continuing to look at ways to improve the current highway to handle more traffic.

Skolrood Law Firm’s team of Roanoke Personal Injury Lawyers hopes a solution to the problem can be identified before more lives are lost to accidents caused by faulty highway designs.

NTSB Proposes Reform on Drunk Driving Laws

by Staff Blogger | May 16th, 2013

May 15, 2013

Earlier this week, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) made several recommendations they believe each state should enact to tighten regulations regarding driving under the influence. Some local officials believe the measures could be effective in reducing the number of Roanoke Car Accidents from drunk driving.

According to WDBJ 7 News, among the NTSB’s proposed changes was lowering the legal blood alcohol limit from .08 percent to .05 percent. While some argue that a person could register as legally drunk under the new regulations after consuming just one alcoholic beverage, Sgt. Chris Bolling with the Roanoke City Police explained that the small change in percentage could be the difference in leading to a car accident.

Many agree after considering results recorded in Europe after countries dropped the limit to .05. Over the period of a decade, those countries saw the number of drunken driving fatalities slashed by more than half.

Another suggestion made by the NTSB was to require ignition interlocks on the vehicles of every individual caught driving while under the influence of alcohol, and also reinforcing DWI courts.

The Roanoke Personal Injury Lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm applaud the efforts that are being made to keep drunk drivers off the roads. Furthermore, the firm urges motorists to never get behind the wheel after consuming any amount of alcohol.

Roanoke High School Participates in the “Every Fifteen Minutes” Program

by Staff Blogger | April 11th, 2013

April 11, 2013

With prom tomorrow night, Handley High School administrators are hoping to prevent a Roanoke Car Accident caused by drinking and driving by staging a program involving a mock crash scene. The program is called “Every Fifteen Minutes” and gets its name from the fact that a person is killed as the result of a collision with a drunk driver every fifteen minutes.

A total of 22 students participated in the mock crash and several others pre-filmed videos that were shown to students.

The program opened Tuesday morning with students seeing videos of their peers preparing to go to prom. Then, they are shown images of their peers drinking alcohol before getting into a vehicle and being involved in a head-on collision.

An article from The Randolph Leader explains students were then taken outside, where they were shown two vehicles. Police arrive at the scene where one student was “killed” after being thrown through a windshield. Several other students sustained “injuries” and are treated by paramedics, while the driver responsible for causing the crash is given a field sobriety test and is “arrested”.

Throughout the week, videos are then shown depicting the funeral of the victim and the trial of the drunk driver.

The Roanoke Personal Injury Lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm ask that teens be especially careful when driving during prom season.

Roanoke Car Accident Injures Four

by Staff Blogger | January 3rd, 2013

Jan. 3, 2013

Four people were seriously injured as the result of an accident in Bedford County, Virginia, earlier this week. According to WDBJ 7 News, the crash occurred Friday evening at the intersection of Route 460 and Route 711.

The Virginia State Police report that a 26-year-old woman from Huddleston, Virginia, was driving a 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt along Route 460. She approached the intersection with Route 711 and attempted to make a left turn. A 2010 Nissan Armada being driven by a man from Eagle Rock, Virginia, was approaching on 711. The driver of the Nissan did not have time to stop and the two vehicles collided.

The impact of the Roanoke Car Accident injured the driver of the Cobalt, along with two female passengers and a child in the Armada.

A study from the Federal Highway Administration shows that a majority of accidents occur at road intersections. The chances of an accident increase significantly when fewer roads intersect at a specific location. The number of accidents at four-legged intersections saw an average of 38 accidents per year versus more than 55 at four-way intersections.

The Roanoke Personal Injury Lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm recognize the dangers auto accidents present to motorists. The law firm may be able to help you if you have been injured in a virginia car accident that occurred at no fault of your own.