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Roanoke Police Hosting Event to Increase Traffic Safety Awareness

by Staff Blogger | October 9th, 2014

Crimes and accidents along the Roanoke’s roads are a very serious concern to many citizens of the area. Reports indicate there were a total of 1,128 motor vehicle collisions last year alone. These crashes resulted in 450 injuries, as well as 10 Roanoke car accident fatalities.

These startling statistics have left many residents looking for ways to raise road safety awareness. The Roanoke Police Department (RPD) is addressing these concerns with an event this coming weekend.

WDBJ 7 News reports the RPD will be holding a Crime Prevention and Traffic Safety Day on Saturday, Oct. 11, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Melrose Park. The family friendly event will offer free food, face painting, and games for the kids to play. Child ID kits and child fingerprinting will also be available to attendees.

The event will also be educational and will host several K-9 demonstrations in addition to providing free police car, fire truck, and mobile command unit tours.

The team of Roanoke personal injury lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm recognizes the importance of highway safety. That’s why we encourage you to get out with the whole family this weekend and attend this entertaining and educational event!

Roanoke County Fire Academy Graduates 14 Emergency First Responders

by Staff Blogger | March 6th, 2014

March 6, 2014

If your house is burning or you suffer a Roanoke Car Accident Injury, one of the first people who will offer you assistance will be an emergency responder. But it is difficult to keep enough of these highly trained individuals on staff, which leaves many municipalities to depend on volunteers to get the job done.

Recently, 14 volunteers graduated from the Roanoke County Fire Academy. According to an article from WSLS 10 News, the ceremony took place at 6:30 p.m. yesterday at the South County Library.

Took reach the achievements needed to graduate, each of the volunteers had to undergo more than 200 hours of training over the last 20 weeks. Some of the topics that were covered include search and rescue, ventilation, construction, emergency care, and hazardous material operations. Each of the volunteers were then tested on the skills they learned during a live-burn exercise that was held at the Roanoke Valley Regional Fire & EMS Training Center.

A total of 11 of the volunteers will offer services in Roanoke County, while the remainder of the graduates will work in Bedford County.

The Roanoke Personal Injury Lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm understand the risks and sacrifices these volunteers face each day while on the job and applaud the efforts they are making in order to give back to the community.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed by Virginia Woman Against Her Husband

by Staff Blogger | January 23rd, 2014

January 23, 2014

When a person is injured as the result of another person’s negligence, they can file a civil lawsuit against the party responsible to seek compensation for their damages. A Roanoke Personal Injury Lawsuit was filed by a Gretna, Virginia, woman in Pittsylvania County Circuit Court recently in connection with injuries caused by her husband’s alleged negligence.

According to an article from, the incident occurred at the couple’s home on Feb. 25, 2013. Reports indicate the victim was walking along the driveway when she slipped and fell, causing her leg to land in the path of a 2001 Freightliner motor home that her husband was reversing. The vehicle ran over the woman’s leg, causing injuries that required the limb to be amputated.

The woman filed suit against her husband and the couple’s two insurance companies, claiming her husband’s failure to keep the vehicle under control while backing up was responsible for her injuries. She is seeking a total of $25 million for her losses.

The Roanoke Personal Injury Lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm recognize how expensive it can be to overcome an injury caused by another person’s negligence. That is why the firm is hopeful a decision in the case brings a sense of closure to the victim.

Fatal Roanoke Truck Accident Caused by Drunk Driver

by Staff Blogger | June 13th, 2013

June 13, 2013

Roanoke Truck Accident yesterday afternoon was responsible for claiming the lives of two people and leaving two others injured. Records show the crash happened along I-581, near Valley View Road.

According to an article from ABC 13 News, the 34-year-old driver of a maroon Ford Taurus was traveling northbound along the highway when he suddenly cut in front of a tractor-trailer driven by a 36-year-old man. The truck driver attempted to avoid a collision with the sedan by crossing the median of the highway. He ended up in the southbound lanes, and he collided head-on with another big rig. Three other vehicles then struck the rear of the southbound semi-truck.

The impact of the collision claimed the lives of both truck drivers. Meanwhile, the female driver of one of the other vehicles involved was taken to the hospital for treatment to injuries, along with the driver of the Ford.

Testing later determined the driver of the Ford was under the influence at the time of the crash. He was then placed under arrest and charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter and DUI. More charges may be filed at a later time.

The Roanoke Personal Injury Lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm recognize the risks posed by drinking and driving. That’s why the firm asks motorists to never get behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming any amount of alcohol.

NTSB Makes Recommendations to Reduce Number of Impaired Drivers

by Staff Blogger | December 20th, 2012

Dec. 20, 2012

Drinking and driving around the holidays is a problem that law enforcement in Virginia has to battle each year. New strategies being discussed by government organizations like the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) aim to reduce the number of drunk drivers, which may subsequently shrink the number of roadway injuries and fatalities

The NTSB announced it would be pushing lawmakers to focus on substance-impaired driving by improving alcohol impairment testing methods, establishing drug impairment standards, and finding better ways to identify intoxicated drivers’ “place[s] of last drink”.

The agency recommended that all states adopt regulations similar to Virginia’s requirement that all convicted drunk drivers, including first-time offenders, have ignition interlock devices installed on their vehicles. However, the NTSB said this is not enough to combat the problem. Officials went on to explain that since drugs and medications are playing a more predominant role in impaired driving accidents, it is important to establish intoxication limits for different drugs and better means of testing drivers for these substances.

The organization pointed out that a better means of establishing a drunk driver’s “Place of last drink” may also help the prosecution of bars and restaurants that over serve patrons.

The Roanoke Personal Injury Lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm are hopeful these recommendations will reduce and prevent Roanoke Car Accidents caused by drunk driving.