Occupations Associated With Traumatic Brain Injuries

by Staff Blogger | January 11th, 2018

In recent decades, workplaces have become more focused on improving employee safety and well-being. Agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the U.S. Department of Labor have created regulations and guidelines to protect workers while they’re on the job, but serious and even life-threatening injuries still happen daily at workplaces across America.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the most devastating workplace injuries, as they can leave victims unable to work and reliant on others for care and basic needs. TBIs are more likely to occur in some occupations than others, such as:

  • Construction – Construction workers are at a higher risk for TBIs than people in many other lines of work. Construction sites are full of heavy equipment and machinery, and workers can be seriously injured by falling objects—even when they’re wearing hard hats.
  • Roofing – Falls are a common cause of TBIs, and roofers are particularly at risk for that type of accident and injury. Unlike construction workers, roofers may not have scaffolding or catwalks to protect them, increasing their chances of falling long distances.
  • Driving – Truck drivers, bus drivers, cab drivers, and delivery drivers can suffer TBIs during traffic accidents. And because they’re on the road all day, their risks of being involved in serious crashes are much higher than people in other occupations.

The Roanoke brain injury attorneys at Skolrood Law Firm know that some workers are more prone to TBIs than others, but we’re here to help anyone who suffered a TBI due to another person’s negligence or carelessness.

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