3 Common Truck Accident Injuries

by Staff Blogger | April 26th, 2018

When tractor trailers are involved in crashes with smaller passenger vehicles, the outcome is often painful, disabling, and even life-threatening for drivers and occupants inside those sedans, SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks.

The trucking industry is heavily regulated to make big trucks as safe as possible on Virginia’s highways and interstates, but government-mandated guidelines aren’t always followed. Truck drivers don’t always adhere to mandatory rest periods, truck owners don’t always maintain their vehicles, and truck companies don’t always load their trucks evenly and safely.

When negligence occurs on the part of the people or companies involved with big trucks, serious injuries can occur, including:

  1. Brain injuries — Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can range from concussions to more severe injuries that can be life-threatening and profoundly disabling. Truck accident victims can suffer TBIs from both direct impacts and from the sheer force of the accidents themselves.
  2. Broken bone injuries — Every part of the body is vulnerable during truck accidents, and victims may suffer from multiple broken bones. Compound fractures, especially those involving large bones like the femur, can be life-threatening.
  3. Soft tissue injuries — Muscles, joints, ligaments, and even nerves are all highly vulnerable during truck accidents. Some of the most debilitating crash-related injuries involve damage to soft tissue, and they can cause permanent disability and pain.

Those are just a few common injuries victims can suffer during truck crashes. If you or someone you love were hurt in a crash involving a semi truck, get in touch with a Roanoke truck accident attorney at Skolrood Law Firm. We’ll do everything in our power to get you the compensation you deserve. Call today for a free consultation.