Common Oversights That Cause Truck Accidents

by Staff Blogger | November 2nd, 2017

Although the trucking industry is tightly regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), not all truck drivers, companies, and owners abide by its strict guidelines. Maximizing profits often means ignoring some of the industry’s most important safety restrictions. That can put everyone on the road at risk, including truck drivers and other motorists and their passengers.

If you were injured in a truck accident, a truck accident attorney at Skolrood Law Firm is here for you. We know that almost everyone in the trucking industry can play a role in accidents and that many crashes involve negligent acts or oversights such as:

  • Intoxicated or impaired driving – The FMCSA strictly regulates both alcohol and drug use in the trucking industry. Drivers who get behind the wheel while under the influence are dangers to themselves and to others.
  • Negligent truck maintenance – Truck owners are responsible for keeping their vehicles in good condition and regularly servicing parts such as brakes and tires. When they fail to do so, trucks can be more difficult to drive, and drivers may lose control.
  • Lack of driver training – The FMCSA requires that truck drivers hold valid commercial driver’s licenses and complete training courses with a minimum number of hours behind the wheel. But to quickly onboard new drivers, some trucking companies overlook those requirements.

With many years of experience investigating truck accidents and pursuing compensation claims for victims, our legal team knows how to identify negligent practices on behalf of truck drivers, owners, and companies. If you or someone you love was hurt in a truck accident, we’re here to help. Call today for a free consultation.