Making the Trucking Industry Safer for Everyone

by Staff Blogger | January 26th, 2017

The trucking industry keeps America moving. Don’t believe it? Take a moment to look around the room. Chances are 90% of what you see was at one time transported on a truck. Without the trucking industry, society as we know it would be much different.

At Skolrood Law Firm, we have a great deal of respect for the truck drivers who spend countless hours out on the road for our benefit. That statement might seem odd coming from a law firm that handles big truck accidents, but in actuality, it’s not. We handle big truck accidents for two reasons. First of all, individuals injured by a big truck deserve the best legal representation possible when considering their injury claim. Without that, they may inadvertently settle for far less than they deserve, potentially putting their financial future in jeopardy. Our truck accident attorneys help ensure they get the complete compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Secondly, we handle big truck accidents to help make the industry even safer. When trucking companies put fatigued drivers out on the road or push inexperienced drivers too far in the interests of profits, everyone loses. By handling big truck accidents, we keep safety at the forefront of trucking companies’ minds, and that makes the roads safer for everyone.

If you’ve been injured by a tractor-trailer, call our experienced Roanoke truck accident attorneys today for a free consultation. You deserve to get maximum compensation for what you’ve been through. Let us put more than 30 years of experience to work for you.