Roanoke Truck Accident Lawyers Examine Proposed Reform to Trucking Rules and Regulations

by Staff Blogger | July 2nd, 2015

Truck drivers and the companies they operate for are required to abide by strict federal policies in order to protect the safety of everyone on the road. Despite these regulations, the number of truck accident injuries has steadily risen in recent years. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows an average increase of around 8,000 truck accident injuries annually between 2009 and 2012.

Our Roanoke truck accident lawyers at Skolrood Law Firm explain that these numbers have prompted lawmakers to consider an overhaul of our nation’s trucking regulations and the agency that oversees these rules. The bill proposing the changes is currently under consideration by the Senate Commerce Committee.

According to an article from Overdrive Magazine, Senator Deb Fischer has introduced the Trucking Rules Updated by Comprehensive and Key Safety Reform Act (TRUCK Safety Reform Act). The bill calls for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to complete a full audit of its rules, regulations, and policies pertaining to the operation of tractor-trailers and trucking companies. This includes a review of each rule, then making any required changes within the next two years. The FMCSA’s findings would also be made public and would allow more government oversight in the creation and implementation of truck driving regulations.

At Skolrood Law Firm, we recognize the important role rules and regulations play in preventing trucking accidents and our Roanoke personal injury lawyers are anxious to see if any changes that are made effectively improve highway safety.