Study Looks Deeper Into Hours of Operation Rules for Truckers

by Staff Blogger | February 19th, 2015

Driver fatigue plays a role in many Virginia truck accidents. There are currently laws in place that regulate the amount of time a truck driver can be on the road to help prevent these accidents. The Roanoke truck accident lawyers with Skolrood Law Firm say those laws are being reconsidered though, to ensure they are the best way to prevent drowsy driving accidents in the trucking industry.

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute plans to conduct a study using 250 truck drivers that will examine the effectiveness of the current hours of operation rules. Those regulations state a truck driver must have two consecutive rest periods from  1-5 a.m. at the end of each 168-hour or seven day work week.

Opponents of the rule state it causes some drivers who work late nights and early mornings to have to take additional time off to meet hours of service requirements. This also caused increased truck traffic during busy commute hours, putting drivers of private vehicles at risk of accidents as well.

Now, according to, researchers will examine data collected from two different groups of drivers to determine if the amount of time they travel and work has an effect on performance or safety.

At Skolrood Law Firm, we understand the importance of ensuring safety in the trucking industry and our Roanoke personal injury lawyers are hopeful the data we gain from this particular study can be used to effectively reduce Virginia truck accident numbers.