Medical Mistakes Affect Thousands Of Virginians Each Year

by Staff Blogger | May 3rd, 2012

May 3, 2012

HealthGrades estimates that approximately 195,000 Americans die each year because of preventable hospital mistakes, and hundreds of thousands more individuals are hurt as a result of these accidents.

These injuries can range from something as simple as a medication error to a botched surgery. Recently, a bizarre case of hospital error occurred last month in a Virginia hospital. According to an article released by the Duluth News Tribune, a woman who had just given birth at the facility was given the wrong child, sending both sets of parents into a panic.

The accident occurred, according to hospital officials, because of an outdated card ID system the hospital had in place to identify both mother and child failed. The failure occurred when staff failed to change the child’s cards when the mother moved rooms and another woman was brought in. Failure by hospital staff to check both mother and child’s hospital ID bracelets for a match also was a contributing factor in the mistake.

The hospital stated that in response to the incident, they have installed a new ID system that has an auditory alarm that will sound if the mother and child’s bracelets do not match.

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