Why Do You Need an Attorney to Help with Your Wrongful Death Claim?

by Staff Blogger | May 17th, 2018

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be overwhelming. You need time to grieve, but you also may be worried about how you and your family will stay on top of bills and everyday living expenses—especially if the deceased was the primary income earner for your household.

At Skolrood Law Firm, our Roanoke wrongful death lawyers are here to take some of that burden off your shoulders. You shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about the legal side of your loved one’s death—you have enough to deal with already.

It’s our goal to do everything we can for you and your family. If you choose us to handle your case, you can find peace of mind knowing that our attorneys will:

  • Collect evidence that proves your loved one’s death was avoidable—Whether your loved one was killed in a motor vehicle accident, a work-related accident, or due to a medical mistake, we’ll make sure the insurance company knows that his or her death was preventable, avoidable, and caused by another person’s or party’s negligence.
  • Calculate how much money you’re owed—Medical bills, funeral expenses, and current and future lost income can turn many households upside down after a death. We’ll calculate how much you’re owed for your loss, and we’ll fight to maximize your chances of getting it.

Let us handle the paperwork and communication with the insurance company, while you focus on taking care of your family and honoring your loved one’s memory. Call today for a free consultation.