Settlement Reached In Nursing Home Medication Error Cases

by Staff Blogger | April 17th, 2014

It is estimated that roughly one-third of all individuals living in long-term care facilities will become the victims of nursing home abuse or neglect over the course of the next year. One of the most common forms of abuse and negligence that is reported though are errors made in the medications that are given to patients.

In fact, one drug distribution company recently reached a settlement with the U.S. federal government in regards to hundreds of instances where they failed to procure a prescription before distributing schedule II drugs to patients. An article from WSLS 10 News explains the violations occurred over the time stretching from May 2008 to July 2009.

Reports indicate the company, PharMerica Corporation, fills prescriptions for patients living in long-term care facilities. During an investigation by the DEA Diversion Task Force though, the company was found to have given schedule II medications to patients without a prescription a total of 228 times, accounting for 3 percent of all the schedule II drugs they distributed.

For the violations, the company has ben ordered to pay $213,283.00 in damages, which breaks down to less than $1,000.00 per incident.

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