Suffering A Traumatic Brain Injury Increases Chance of Soldiers Developing Dementia

by Staff Blogger | July 10th, 2014

There are tens of thousands of veterans who are returning from service overseas after having suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This is extremely disconcerting, considering the amount of information that has come to light recently regarding the long-term effects of a TBI injury.

The newest conditions being linked to TBIs in soldiers is Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. An article from USA Today reports a study has shown an increased risk of developing these conditions in soldiers who had been treated for a TBI in the past.

The study was conducted at the University of California-San Francisco and the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Researchers examined the case histories of more than 188,000 soldiers and determined that there was a 60 percent greater chance of developing Dementia in patients who had suffered a head trauma as compared to those who didn’t suffer such an injury.

Researchers went on to explain that protecting the brain from such injuries can be vital to maintaining health. Some of the suggestions for doing so include:

  • Wearing a helmet when riding bikes, motorcycles, or participating in certain physical activities.
  • Wearing a seat belt each time you get into a motor vehicle.
  • Participating in social activity after suffering a head trauma.

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