Virginia Costs Associated with On-The-Job Personal Injuries Rising

by Staff Blogger | November 29th, 2012

November 29, 2012

A new study from the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute has shown that the cost per worker who sustains a serious personal injury while on the job has risen in Virginia. According to an article published by the Augusta Free Press, researchers hope the study can be used to show how the state’s workers’ compensation system compares with other states and also will be useful in pinpointing areas for improvement.

Data shows that in Virginia, the cost per claim for workers’ compensation benefits stemming from a personal injury that resulted in more than a week of lost time rose by eight percent over a five-year period, while most other states saw costs decreasing or staying near the same level. Costs for medical care in the state was to blame for the rise, considering their prices for care were, on average, 25 percent higher. Income benefit payouts in Virginia also rose by five percent from 2005 to 2010.

Regardless of the rising costs, experts say that fewer workers in Virginia missed more than a week of work due to serious injury as compared with the 16 other states examined by the study.

The study also revealed that Virginia is one of the slowest states to payout to workers who suffered serious personal injuries.

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